04 September 2011

Preparation of domestic tour - 16.08.2011.

Looking at the date of the preparation; it was only 4 days before the trip, which means it was supposedly the last day of our drama rehearsal before we had our final rehearsal on the next day since it was a holiday. More than half of those who were involved in this drama did not attend the rehearsal and most of us were late including me due to the continuous lack of sleep I had throughout the weeks.

Poor Kah Mun, the director of the drama, had to go through all the stresses especially when most of us were never punctual during all the rehearsals, in order to make us all well-disciplined, which is never something possible.

My lovely papa a.k.a Naeem promised to take a photo together with me on the previous day; this is now my current profile picture on Facebook because it looks great and awesome. :)

I would say it was a waste of time of me attending the rehearsal because I was placed at the last scene, and the rehearsal was mainly focusing on those that needed quite some adjustments, despite the fun time I had throughout together with those who were fooling around as I did. Now you know how supportive I could be, eh? :P


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