13 September 2011

Preparation of domestic tour - 17.08.2011.

Our unofficial final rehearsal was done on a Wednesday afternoon when almost all of us were late due to our own personal reasons; lazy, overslept, busy, and et cetera. Unfortunately, I was one of those who came late because I went all the way back home in Kepong and I honestly delayed for a while. :P

So there we were; practiced dance movements once all the so-called "9 Boys 9 Girls" had arrived, which if I'm not mistaken it was around 2pm or 3pm already, just as usual.

Drama was what that drove some of us crazy especially the appointed director, Kah Mun, because the weather was scorching hot and everyone was not in the mood to practice anymore, especially the Muslims due to fasting month.

As pity as I was, being appointed as the photographer of the trip was never something fun because I was known as the paparazzi all the time; I was pretty innocent I guess.

Fortunately, I still have a bunch of people who're willing to pose for me to capture as an evidence that I did my job well. Hehe! :P

Oh I got to take a "family photo" together with the Badman and my Papa a.k.a Naeem. :D

Our official final rehearsal was supposed to be done on the next day but the insufficient time due to commentary practices was the reason why the plan was a failure at the end. Until the actual trip arrived, we didn't do anymore rehearsals as everyone was basically focusing on our respective commentary topic in order to present well when the day came. The night before the trip was a serious nightmare to me for staying up throughout and focusing on my commentary about Malaysia My Second Home; no, that was never fun yet memorable.

Finally, I get to start blogging about the trip after such a long period of blogging everything about the preparations. I would like to apologize if you were bored reading all the craps; stay tuned for the happenings during the trip alright? :)

P/S: Finals are arriving in around one week time so I don't have enough time to update as frequent as usual temporarily.


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