18 September 2011

Temporarily emotional.

It's 5:09am on the 18th of September, 2011 as I started typing this post, and I am still sitting at 24/7 Study Room, Taylor's University at this hour fighting for my upcoming finals on this coming week. Helmy, Fahmi, Wan, and Jessica have fallen asleep on the chairs, on the tables, and on the floor respectively with snore all around the room.

At this hour when I could easily get emotional, I start to miss my family members including my parents, my brothers, my cousin sisters, and each and every one from my big family with tears rolling in my eyes repeatedly. My mum is departing to Macau pretty soon at 9.30am from home with my aunts for the entire week and I have completely clueless about how much I am going to miss her crazily. It's been two whole weeks I haven't met her, not even my brothers, ever since our Hari Raya break ended. The person who is supposed to be here with me couldn't make it due to personal reason, and I have no one to rely on and to talk to at this very moment. I would've pleased him to send me back home just to say goodbye to my mum and give her a big, tight hug if he was to be here.

Oh my, it is not supposed to be the time to be emotional until finals end! :(



  1. Whenever I start to feel emotional, I will just go and sleep. Try it!!!

  2. Greattt I will try that out! But when I posted this I was busy preparing for finals. :P


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