30 September 2011

Then the record-breaking tour started - Part 2.

Due to the delays in the beginning of the tour, it was already one or two hour before our BBQ dinner started by the time we finally arrived at our main destination, Lotus Desaru Beach Resort, Desaru. Everyone was so excited about the arrival, yet the organizers started to worry about the fact that we had insufficient time to prepare for the dinner.

Some snacks were specially prepared for only our tour by the beach to allow all of us to enjoy the sea breeze after an extremely long journey.

Diana and Krissie started giving out room keys to the participants while everyone was still enjoying by the beach. That was one of the most hectic moments to be honest; only certain people know what I actually mean.

Preparations for the dinner and some rehearsals were done within less than an hour before the registration time. All of us were rushing everywhere in order to get things done before we could run to our respective rooms to take shower.

There it was; the registration counter was ready later than the said time but only we all knew why.

Despite being known as a BBQ dinner, none of the foods served was being barbequed but fortunately everyone enjoyed the foods well. Neh, I never say the foods were nice.

That's Mr. Nantha giving his speech on the stage. :)

The rehearsals went pretty well throughout the weeks but some technical errors occurred during the performance; the guitar went wrong.

Papa was one of the emcees of the night.

That was when our "9 Boys 9 Girls" performed our dance on the stage! People, it was said to be the best dance we had ever had as compared to those times when we did our rehearsals. Yes! :D

While the participants were enjoying their dinner, we had a group photo with some of them went missing. Gangsters are spotted!

Musical Chairs was one of the games requested by papa a.k.a Naeem repeatedly and finally it was presented on the stage.

They asked if he was really so desperate that he even did the "job" to the mike.

This pitiful sick boy was experiencing pretty serious throat problem the night before until Ching Nee actually rushed him to a clinic or hospital to grab some medicines. If you're wondering why we're so nervous about his sickness, besides the fact that he needed his voice for commentary, he was one of the performers of the night.

That was Fathu singing Someone Like You on the stage!

There was one performance known as Lyrical Love presented by 11 people in different languages, but something went wrong on that night itself, ended up only 10 songs were presented.

This newspaper game was when everyone from everywhere around the ballroom couldn't stop laughing especially when Wan carried Izny when the newspaper only allowed one person to stand.

Drama was as well one of the performances of the night, which I bet most of the participants were clueless about what messages we were trying to send. :\

I finally got to capture a photo of the both emcees of the night.

Prizes and souvenirs were given out to the lucky winners as well. I was so surprised that I actually got one of the top lucky draw prizes but funnily I don't even know how to use it, yet.

Ladies and gentlemen, here comes the Beatbox performance by the sick boy! :D

When Fathu was singing My Heart Will Go On as one of the singing performances of the night, Vinod was being forced to be on the stage and he was told to do certain funny things right in front of everyone. Watch the video and you'll get what I'm trying to say.

We even had Chicken Dance when the dinner was ending soon. I miss it sooooooo much!

Group photos we had right after everything ended, but some of them went missing again and those photos were never complete. D:

All the photos posted above basically summarize the entire dinner of the night, and we all know that we enjoyed it like it's our graduation night. A so-called private party specially for only DT37 was then held in 6 of the guys' apartment rooms right after everything was done, with only Vinod and the Badman being the outsiders who joined us throughout the night; trust me, the night was so ultimately crazy yet memorable! Those stories would be kept privately and confidentially, though. :)

Stay tuned for one last post about the ending of the trip!

P/S: Videos of our dance performed by the "9 Boys 9 Girls" and Lyrical Love would only be posted later because I'm currently using another laptop and the videos are not here with me.


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