29 November 2011

On our way up to the top!

Good day peeps! It's been a while since the last time I blogged about my Penang trip as my daily schedule has been so packed that I don't really have time to enjoy every single thing I would love to do, hence the disappearance from my blog for almost one whole month. Dude, blogging only once in a month doesn't seem like what I would do, but I did it in November 2011 due to all the interruptions I have been constantly meeting almost on a daily basis. Anyway, I hope this one last month for this particular year could be slightly better to me after all those shits that I have been through recently.

In order to get to the top of Penang Hill, you could choose to go by hiking, by jeep, or by tram but if you have acrophobia or any similar phobias as it, you would probably want to prefer taking jeep or hiking if you do not want to end up like me; I was holding an iron prop in the tram as tight as possible throughout the journey and I stayed near the iron prop with my head down when the tram was moving up, stopping by in the middle of nowhere, and moving up again in a faster speed.

Photographing was the only way to distract my fear at the moment until we finally arrived at the top. Truth to be told, I was the first person ever to jumped down the tram as soon as they opened the door, and I ran up the staircase to take a good rest at a place where I could no longer see anything underneath for a while, while some of them who had witnessed how funny I was throughout the journey laughed at me from below. Ish!

So there we were, up on top of the hill to have a tour around for a few hours and we did something pretty special specially planned by Nantha Travel and Tours. Stay tuned for more about the trip! :D



  1. Its a great experience as I have done it a couple of times.

  2. Yes it is, and I like the weather on top of the hill as soon as you step out of the tram. :D

  3. I've not done this yet :(. Gotta do a roadtrip around Penang soon.

  4. thomas: I don't know which was old and which was new but stay tuned for my update about what I've done, alright? :D

    Thristhan: Yea you should! ;)


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