06 December 2011

Special activities on Penang Hill.

Greetings! I'm trying to blog everything that is still in the list as soon as possible to avoid the queue that is getting longer month by month; bear in mind that my Penang trip happened back in October but it's already the very freaking last month of the year today. I have my remaining Penang trip that is yet to be blogged, the Si Busuk Bulat that is yet to be introduced, my beloved grandpa's 92nd birthday that is yet to be recorded as a memory, and something else that I might have missed or forgotten. Hopefully things could be done by the end of the year before I make a conclusion about this happening 2011.

It was indeed a huge relief to have finally been able to step on the ground again instead of being in a tram that was speeding upward with a few stops in between. Being on more than 800 meters above sea level while enjoying the cool breeze was definitely one of the best things to do, after not being up on any hills for long, not even the famous Genting Highlands I swear.

The sun was rising slowly by the time we arrived, and these crazy people started asking me to take photos of them with the sun behind, not excluding Mr. Nantha; heck, it wasn't an easy job for an unprofessional photographer like me to have everything in one photo to be honest, but I still tried my best to come out with the perfect ones.

Papa a.k.a Naeem must be extremely proud to be having a bunch of considerate colleagues and an awesome boss to prepare a little birthday surprise for him at such an awesome place; despite the usual cake that was not special than any other cakes, despite the only one big candle that was not enough to represent his age, despite the teaspoon that was used as a temporary knife to cut the cake, having a simple birthday celebration on more than 800 meters above sea level must indeed be a great experience.

We had a simple picnic on top of the hill too! :D Oh boy, I was so used to doing this in Genting Highlands when I was young but as we all grow up, my relatives, my family and I no longer travel to Genting Highlands all together as the parents tend to get bored while waiting for us to be back from the theme park.

It was as if they were having some serious meeting. LOL! :P

Dogs have always been known as my best friends whenever Theeban is around because of something that happened in the campus a few months ago, but there was a completely different version of conversation in Facebook as soon as I uploaded this photo in the album; man, her reaction was too hilarious.

I tried giving so many excuses to avoid eating more pieces of bread after having about 2 pieces but being a person in charge, Robert forced us to eat and he was so willing to serve us with our preferred jams until everything was finished.

After all the special activities we had upon arrival, we walked around in separate groups for a simple tour on the hill while killing time. Stay tuned for more about where we have been to and what we have done before leaving! :)


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