19 December 2011

I miss you.

After three months of meeting each other every single day, we are finally getting back to the usual days of meeting only about once a week; that is if our classes resume two to three weeks later, which it has not much difference than a long distance relationship despite the car he is having that sort of shortens the travelling distance into half. I miss all the cuddles and kisses whenever we meet and before you go; I miss how you want me to cover my blanket tightly, disallowing all the cool air to get into me; I miss how you sit beside my bed watching until I am fast asleep before you go; I miss how you always tell me to go for shower and have my meals on time; I miss how you tend to take care of my life so well that my parents have absolutely no questions at all when it comes to staying alone in that dangerous area; I miss how I am always well-prepared to jump on you for a big, tight hug; I miss how you like to snatch my baby bolsters on purpose whenever I'm being naughty, or whenever you feel like disturbing me; I miss all the evenings when we cook dinners together; I miss how you would never allow me to be in rain regardless of whether it's a heavy rain or not; I miss every single thing you have done to me, especially all the happiness we have created throughout these three months of sticking together almost all day long.

You promised me that the next time we will be meeting is coming pretty soon, but I can't wait, even though this is only the first night being without you, my marvelous man. I miss you, too much.


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