12 March 2012

New Year countdown with CHSJ.

I supposed you have had a shocked upon reading the subject of this post, haven't you? It has been exaggeratingly delayed until today, I know. If you happen to be one of my loyal readers, which I doubt if there's even one, you would have known by now how I did not really want to skip any of my pending blog posts. Hence, I'm blogging about my New Year celebration more than two months after the exact date of the day. Heck! No, I'm never a slowpoke to be honest, but my life has been filled with things that are more or less meaningful, thus the procrastination. ;)

Yet again, most of us who celebrated previously gathered at Yew Chung's house located in USJ1 before departing excitingly to Sunway Pyramid to end the last day of the year meaningfully. Most of them were practically late when the Badman and I thought we would be the latest, which, obviously, we ended up becoming the early birds instead. Being in the ridiculously huge living room together with Yew Chung's mum and his siblings was pretty awkward, to be honest, and we basically sat quietly until the others finally arrived.

Sakae Sushi it was! It felt as though these two ladies were some hick clowns to be fooling around with the iPad 2 that was supposedly used to order foods.

To kill time before the clock struck midnight, we walked around the shopping centre and fooled around with the Christmas decorations displayed at one of the center as it was only six days after Christmas. When this photo was taken, I was mumbling about how crazy those monkeys were, and we were laughing silently at the moment. :P

It was, to me, one of the most embarrassing moments I had ever had in my life as there were kids queuing to take photos on this sledge. Why were we taking this photo then? The monkeys lah!

We wanted to take a photo with the Christmass tree behind, but, never mind. :\

No one was supposed to be allowed to go on the stage but rules are sometimes meant to be broken; things sort of went out of control without any security guards around. It was not until the security guards finally came to chase people out of the stage when I was helping these four pretty girls to take a photo, which the photo definitely did not turn out good.

We went out to gather with the crowds approximately 5 to 10 minutes before the fireworks started, only to realize that it was not too packed until a few minutes later that the people started playing with bottles and bottles of snow sprays crazily without behaving. As frightened as I was, the Badman stood closer to me to avoid me being one of the victims while I prepared to take a video of the fireworks.

The fireworks were delayed for five minutes, according to Chi Kang. Most of us got so disappointed initially, thinking that Sunway Pyramid might not shoot off any fireworks on that day for some reason. However, as soon as we decided to leave back home for some sparkling juice to end the year, fireworks started unexpectedly, which explains the video that started slightly later.

Staying over at Yew Chung's house like last time, Wan Yee, Yew Chung, Chi Kang, Badman, and I spent our first day of the year 2012 doing something ridiculously crazy, while Yuan Lin had to leave earlier for some church event. The stories will be revealed on the next post, so stay tuned while I off to get my coming assessments prepared. :D



  1. Happy Super Belated New Year wuahahaha

    1. LOLOLOL! I know it's funny to be blogging about it right now. So same goes to you! :P

  2. from innit nuffang..Happy New Year..wehee...


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