19 April 2012

Drama; based on a true story.

After the previous post which I happily talked about my greatest achievements of the day, the following days have been hectic with all the classes starting as early as 9.30am yet ending as late as 6pm, not to mention a drama that happened as I worked for an event in the campus on Thursday, which, hopefully it marked the end of the entire drama that has been going on in my life for almost half a year. If you're observant enough to realize that I've repeatedly mentioned the words "shit happened" or "shit happens" in some of the previous blog posts, this is where I'm going to tell you an extraordinary long story.

Warning: This blog post may content a huge amount of screenshot of a conversation between me and the Unknown, widely known as the drama queen whom her name will not be revealed to avoid possible troubles. Also, there may be something pretty personal that you may find annoying, disturbing or whatsoever. However, the contents will all be based on true stories that happened to me myself. Read at your own risk!

The entire incident started off as I had an argument with a bunch of friends back in the beginning of October 2011, because of something related to Unknown's car and that without realization, one of my bitches, Farah, felt abandoned for things that I had done. I might have denied my faults when I was first told, but I admitted soon before things got worsened. I regretted and as agreed, I corrected to make a fresh start. Somehow, rumors related to me, which were not true at all, started being spread around without my acknowledgement. I ignored entirely despite the madness, until recently that I got to know more about my rumors that I realized I must talk to the chief offender who created all sorts of stories about every single person around her, Unknown.

Truth to be told, the first two questions asked were meant to be sarcasm. Despite being slightly elder than some of us, that's no longer something worth a concern. I don't give a fuck anymore.

Funnily, she constantly asked me to stop disturbing her when the conversation first started, to the extent that she even mentioned the word "wth", an abbreviation for “What the Hell”. At some point I thought, why the heck a villain would brought suit against a victim, before the victim said a single word.

She had been wandering around us who tend to be together to alienate one person from another for her own evil intentions. For example, she told Farah not to be too close to Shannie for how bad she was as a friend, when in fact all Shannie did was running out of ideas to help her out anymore. When Shannie questioned her on the phone, all she said was, "Eh, did I really say so?" It's either she's lying, or that she really is a mental.

How ridiculous! She ran away like a mouse when we tried to confront her. Looks who's talking now!

It's too fucking ridiculous how she always mentioned about her parents throughout the conversation, when before that she was the one telling people how her parents never liked her. Don't ask me where the hell she got her iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy II, and who replaced both for her immediately after she lost them respectively.

Obviously, she just twisted what I was trying to say, again!

As you can see, for once, Shannie, Farah, Mahrad (her ex-boyfriend) and I met in the campus one day to clear things out before they could get any worse. It just so happened that everyone voiced out what they were told by Unknown about one particular issue yet different stories, that we finally found out who was twisting the facts, fooling us around.

If I were to be standing right in front of her, I would love to give her a huge slap and shout at her as loud as possible to tell the world how evil this woman is. "But once you know, don't be sad like me." Seriously?!

Supposedly, the entire conversation ended as she said, "Ok deal." As I thought that was the end of our conversation, I received a text message from Farah saying that Unknown asked her and my other bitches to stop talking about her ever again. She said she's tired already.

For your information, when I first started staying at PJS7, my landlord installed the card system only a few weeks to a month after I moved in, and it was a day when I went out with my bitches to shop a little. As agreed earlier, my landlord and I met as soon as I arrived at my place to realize that some problem occurred that the system didn't function well. I stunned. I was then sent to Pyramid Tower Hotel to stay temporarily at a room owned by my landlord, all alone without any toiletries given. I walked across the road to buy them with two cans of coffee instead of mineral water; stop telling me how stupid I was. I wore my newly bought jumpsuit to survive the night, with the other clothes as my towel.

Honestly, the feeling of being all alone at a place where you're not familiar with, and the helplessness, were so extraordinary frightening. I had informed my mum about my situation and that I was fine, as well as the Badman and Farah. Since the Badman claimed that he couldn't come for certain problem which we argued later on, with my dying mobile phone at the moment, I sought help from Helmy for some drinkable water after asking for the Badman's permission. Despite not being able to show up at the end of the day, yet again, rumors were spread that it was not understandable that I did not ask the Badman but Helmy to help me out instead. Truth is, at that panicking situation, when the Badman couldn't manage to show up, Helmy was all I could think of, and that I was not close with Unknown at all, not even now.

Oh, come on! If you really didn't know about it, where the heck did you know all the detailed information before spreading it to people who were not supposed to be involved?!

As mentioned, due to some reason, I never really gave a damn anymore how much Helmy knew about the case other than the part where I asked him for help.

Tell me, when I have a perfect boyfriend, what do you expect me to do with the other guys? I might have been too close with certain guys, but it never means I didn't know my limits. To be very extremely honest, the Badman knows every single thing I do, or have done.

Bitch, please. Yet again, if you didn't know anything about me, how the heck did all sorts of stories about me appear everywhere?

I've learned not to mention any names because I know she would question the person as soon as she gets her answer, and really I never wanted to involve anyone else in this conversation.

She just wouldn't stop telling people how awesome she is while how bad the others are, always. Anyway, there was a day after we finished all the classes; we went for a video shooting as one of our assignments. When we were about to start one of the parts where Unknown was involved, she disappeared, and it had been a few times that she did that during discussions, meetings, or times like this. As mad as I was, I searched for her to find out that she was talking to her ex-boyfriend again, just like any other times. "Everyone is waiting for you," I said nicely. "Okay, wait, wait, give me 5 minutes," and expectedly, she showed up only half an hour later. If you were me, wouldn't you get mad for dealing with a person like this all the time as well? It was really sickening I would say!

I'm speechless; she's undeniably too good in casting bones between people.

To be honest, I had never used any vulgar languages until this time, when she told Farah about how I used to never admit my faults, while talking to me on that day itself, which sort of stirred things up again after I was a little bit calmed. Hence, I told her how happy I was with my bitches and how confused I was while having her as a friend.

Can you see how she's repeating whatever she said earlier in this conversation, instead of something to defend herself? According to Farah, when she came to the campus together with her parents to get something settled a few days ago, she seemed to be scared because she's afraid to bump into us, that she had to ask Farah to lead her to the restaurant through another way. If she hadn't done anything wrongly, what's with the worry?

It's so ridiculous how she kept on trying to convince me about how kind she was while how bad the others were, just like what she did to Shannie in a similar way. Everyone talked about everyone, and even so, we cleared things out eventually instead of what Unknown did to us; she created something different and perhaps something much worse than what they originally were, and spread them around causing misunderstandings among us. She seemed to be too smart in taking advantages of people, yet too stupid to realize that we're not as dumb as she thought. The reason why I wanted to confront her was to make things clear, yet she ended up denying all her faults while blaming the others instead. To be frank, I made things clear together with the bitches to ensure zero misunderstandings before confronting her, so I couldn't even trust one single word she said to me ever again. Hopefully though, things could end here for our happier lives.

Sigh! Devil stays as a devil.



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    1. I've never been in a real drama until this happened. :\

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