18 June 2013

Colourgraphy Photography Exhibition and Auction at Taylor's University

Attention, please!

The event marketing students from Taylor's University, School of Communication, will be organizing an event, namely Colourgraphy Photography Exhibition and Auction 2013, tomorrow from 12.00pm to 4.00pm at Temptation in the campus itself with free admission. If you are interested in photography, this might be a great opportunity for you to be exposed to the things you might have never seen. All you ever need to do is to get yourself registered by filling up this form online, and tadaaa!

The photography exhibition will display photos taken by photojournalists and photography students from the Bachelor of Mass Communication. The event will also feature a professional photographer, Prakash Daniel, who will be invited to share his photography experiences and to be one of the judges to select three Top Best Photographs. You can also cast your vote for the Most Popular Photo or bid for the prints during an auction.

Definitely, several exciting programs and activities will be prepared for you! Photographers with Polaroid cameras will be there at the designated photo booth to take photos for you and your friends while you enjoy the live band performances during the event. Besides, cocktail session will be specially opened to the exclusive attendees. Well, how to be an exclusive attendee? You just need to complete an easy step via pre-registration at this website. Food will also be served on the basis of first come, first served.

There was a Colourgraphy Instagram Photo Contest available for you to stand a chance to walk away with a Polaroid camera. Unfortunately, due to my extremely late update about the event, the contest had been closed since a few hours ago. Still, follow up with their new updates by liking their Facebook page and be sure to promote this happening event to your friends!

Anyway, with all these interesting programs and activities, there is no reason why you should miss out this event! Register on the website now and be sure to attend the event. Do not forget to share such great news with your friends! Like their Facebook page to get updated information and follow their Instagram at "Colourgraphy2013" to get sneak peek of the prints!

P/S: Photos are all copied from Colourgraphy Photography Exhibition and Auction.



  1. lol... so late one. What are those PR ppl doing la

    1. I wasn't the only blogger who blogged about this though. There're other bloggers who promoted this earlier than me. :)


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