10 June 2013

MakanVenture at Lai Lai Casual Dining with OpenRice Malaysia

It's time for MakanVenture again! Organized by OpenRice Malaysia, this food tasting session will be held at Lai Lai Casual Dining at Kuchai Lama, where several delicious Taiwanese dishes will be served to the participants. Read on for more information about the event!

P/S: All of the photos posted are credited to OpenRice Malaysia.

Being the very first outlet in Malaysia after Singapore, Lai Lai Casual Dining opened its door to the public in May 2013, as a Taiwanese restaurant, featuring its signature Taiwanese beef noodles. The delicious concoction of herbal beef soup and other popular Taiwanese dishes came from a famous Taiwanese chef who used to work in the 5-star Lai Lai Sheraton Hotel in Taipei that is now known as Sheraton Grande Taipei Hotel. Over the past ten years, their very own recipes have been kept faithfully authentic and the key ingredients are imported from Taiwan.

P/S: It is located right at the opposite of K3K Benta Kaya, by the way.

The restaurant is a joint venture between the Malaysian owner, who used to be the main chef of Lai Lai Casual Dining in Singapore, and its parent company, Lai Lai Casual Dining, Singapore. The main branch in Singapore has been very popular for its Taiwanese dishes. Thus, the owner sees a strong potential in Malaysia as he is confident that the food will be equally loved by fellow Malaysians. Lai Lai Casual Dining has specifically selected six signature Taiwanese dishes to serve the participants during the food tasting session. Let's take a glimpse of what you can expect to try:

Certainly, the secret of a perfect bowl of Taiwanese Stewed Beef Noodles lies in its soup and noodles. The soup served together with their very own beef noodles is boiled with beef bones and beef tendons in a concoction of herbs and spices for long hours until the soup turns dark brown and acquires a rich beefy taste. The noodles are smooth, thick, and slightly curly with a springy texture. Here at Lai Lai Casual Dining, beef lovers can satisfy their cravings for beef with meat that is cut into large chunks.

In Taiwanese cuisine, Braised Pork Rice can never be missed, and it is popularly known in Taiwan itself. Lai Lai Casual Dining's Braised Pork Rice uses more lean meat than its original counterpart in Taiwan to suit the local taste. The pork is braised with homemade sauce and cooked with slow fire until the rich flavor of the sauce is well infused into the meat. Apart from braised pork, being slightly different from what I had at Formosa, the rice is served with braised egg at an additional charge of RM1.00, braised peanuts, and pickled reddish.

Here comes the Braised Pork Belly Ramen. The soup is simmered with both chicken and pork bones for hours to create a flavorful and delicate taste. It is rich and tasty, but not overly rich like those served in most of the Japanese restaurants. Freshly prepared in the kitchen when an order is placed, the delicious ramen is served with braised pork belly, candid egg at an additional charge of RM1.50, black fungus, seaweed, and spring onions.

Braised Pork Ribs Ramen is yet another mouthwatering ramen with, obviously, braised pork ribs, matching perfectly with its thin and springy noodles. Tantalize your taste bud with the soft and succulent pork ribs that are braised with homemade soy sauce for hours!

Herbal Dang Gui Duck Glass Noodles or Rice Vermicelli is one of the favorite dishes in Taiwan during winter months. The nourishing soup is prepared using a variety of traditional Chinese herbs, mainly Dang Gui, Gou Qi Zi, and Red Date. You will be given a choice of glass noodles or rice vermicelli to go with the delicious duck meat and herbal soup.

Pepper Salt Chicken is a must-have street food in Taiwan. The chicken pieces are marinated with spices and deep fried until it turns crispy and golden brown. Before it is served, the deep fried chicken pieces are sprinkled with pepper salt powder imported all the way from Taiwan to add a fragrant and salty flavor to the meat.

Indeed, a Taiwanese meal would not be complete without a glass of bubble tea. Lai Lai Casual Tining’s bubble tea is made from freshly brewed fragrant red tea with chewy black pearls. Another popular beverage in the restaurant is known as Red Bean Freeze, which is made of genuine red beans and topped with konnyaku.

It's free! So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and sign up now to reserve a seat for the food tasting session at Lai Lai Casual Dining on 18th of June 2013 at 6.30pm!

Lai Lai Casual Dining
2G, Jalan Kuchai Maju 9,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-79726162, +6018-3960122


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