09 July 2013

MakanVenture at The Roast House with OpenRice Malaysia

It's time for MakanVenture again! Organized by OpenRice Malaysia, this food tasting session will be held at The Roast House at Kuchai Lama, where several best roast meats will be served to the participants. Read on for more information about the event!

P/S: All of the photos posted are credited to OpenRice Malaysia.

Recently established in 2013, The Roast House is a specialist in Hong Kong style roast meats, including barbecued pork, roasted pork, roasted duck, and roasted chicken. The main chef is a seasoned chef who has been working in the industry for more than ten years. All meats are freshly roasted by the chef daily to ensure the fragrance and softness of the roast meats.

Apart from roast meats, The Roast House also offers a wide selection of noodles, such as Wanton Noodles, Hakka Noodles, and Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun. All dishes available on the menu are reasonably priced to ensure that all customers leave the restaurant satisfied. It has specifically selected six mouth watering dishes to serve the participants during the food tasting session. Let's take a glimpse of what you can expect to try:

You will never miss their Barbecued Pork "Ngam Yin Siew Wan" Rice, the signature dish of The Roast House that comes together with barbecued pork, fried egg, and boiled vegetable. The honey-glazed, barbecued pork is prepared using only premium pork belly with meat and fat. Moistened with barbecue sauce, the barbecued pork is so soft that it will melt in your mouth!

By the way, the name of the rice is derived from Stephen Chow's classic comedy film, known as "The God of Cookery". The film is so popular that "Ngam Yin Siew Wan" Rice has since become a synonym of Barbecued Pork Rice in Hong Kong.

Drooling already?

Try all the delicious roast meats in one go! The Roast Meat Platter comes with a mixture of barbecued pork, roasted pork, roasted duck, and roasted chicken. The barbecued pork is skilfully barbecued until soft and juicy. The roasted pork, on the other hand, is so crispy that you can literally hear the crackling sound when biting into the skin, whereas the roasted duck is roasted to perfection until the skin turns golden brown and crispy. The roasted chicken with crispy skin and succulent meat is also tantalizing! Remember to dip the meat into the house special sauce made of roasted duck oil and Chinese herbs to enhance the taste.

Their Barbecued Pork with Noodles is a must have for all lovers of Wanton Noodles. The bowl of noodles is served with barbecued meat, boiled vegetable and a bowl of soup. Tantalize your taste buds with the thin and crispy noodles and the moist and tender honey-glazed, barbecued pork during the food tasting session.

Traditional Hakka Noodles is one of the signature noodles served at The Roast House. It is prepared in traditional Hakka style with a type of flat noodles and topped with minced meat and spring onions. Stir the noodles with the minced meat before you eat to infuse the noodles with the rich flavors of meat.

The Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun served at The Roast House contains smooth and slippery hor fun, fresh shrimps, chicken slices, and spring onions. The soup that is drizzled with prawn oil is rich in prawn taste. Satisfy your palate with warm and delicious noodles that are freshly cooked by the chef!

The Wanton Soup, which the wanton is filled with shrimp and pork, is highly recommended by the chef. Each bowl of Wanton Soup will come with six wantons that are at least two to three times bigger than an ordinary wanton. Sink your teeth into the firm yet bouncy wantons and enjoy the juiciness.

Last but not least, the participants will be given a chance to try their very new and popular dessert, Kulai Lou Pan Organic Beancurd, made of 100% natural ingredients, with smooth texture and naturally sweet taste.

It's free! So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and sign up now to reserve a seat for the food tasting session at The Roast House on 24th of July 2013 at 6.30pm!

The Roast House
No. 30, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-79715887
Business Hours: 11.30am – 9.30pm, daily


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