31 December 2011

Si Busuk Bulat.

Good evening! I have been slacking throughout the day with the companion of the Korean drama I'm currently watching, City Hunter, instead of spending my time clearing all my pending posts before the arrival of the first day of 2012. As sluggish as I may sound, with the Badman during the day time, I always have a reason not to blog to accompany him for a while, while he played with my new phone when I was watching my drama with growing fascination.

Anyway, according to the title, you might have known that I am skipping the blog post about my previous family gathering at One World Hotel as well as my karaoke session together with the cousin sisters at Loudspeaker, Kota Damansara, simply because as I went through all the photos taken on that day itself, I realized that none of them actually fancied me at all; NONE. I'm going to introduce you a new family member who joined us in the beginning of the month and is currently staying at Pusat Badminton Sri Sinar every day and night. :)

Guys, here is to present you the cutest and the most innocent kitten in the world! In case if you're wondering, her name is not as long as Si Busuk Bulat as what you could see above, but she doesn't have a fixed name either; all we do is to shake some plastic bags or where her food is placed to bring her to lure, go "meow" as loud as possible until she appears, call her Little White, Little Black or Little Smelly, and anything that is possible to be done.

Where the previous little kitten that I blogged about in July was if you asked, she was out one day as usual as we trusted that she would never leave us according to our observation, but never could any of us see her ever again, which my eldest brother was a little depressed about her disappearance for a while until this baby kitten was brought to the hall a few days after she was born. Knowing that a kitten would not be able to survive for long without cat's milk, we had no choice but to bring her some fresh cow's milk that we human drink. Instead of having lactose intolerant or anything that she might go through as a kitten, she is now surprisingly healthy, hyperactive, and naughty, despite the longer time than usual that she spent learning ways to jump, drink, eat, walk, and run without any training given.

She was then fed with biscuits with some water to make it soft as we all knew that she's too young to be able to bite anything hard, which, her mouth would usually be so extremely dirty with biscuit stuck around the fur that we had to clean it with tissues or toilet papers with fear that she might think we're attacking her and she would scratch us with her long nails. That's just me fearing about that while my brothers would never be afraid of being attacked.

Not knowing which species she belongs to, as you could see in the photos above and below, she has a pair of really innocent eyes, a round body, and short legs, which obviously make people love her more than any other cats we have seen. She starts to chase people around whenever she gets mad over falling from a table or a chair, or whenever she feels disturbed while eating, and we would have to calm her down a bit before she could bite anyone in the office.

She used to be so afraid of height that she keeps on falling down from aloft, and I guess that's how she's trained to be so smart to be able to look for places to reach a high place from the ground, even though she still falls down sometimes without giving up on trying her best. She would start doing whatever she intends to do if she successes, but if she fails, she would start meowing around the office to gain attentions. She is undeniably smart at times despite some of her stupidities that make us laugh.

Besides being so smart about looking for places to reach her targets, she is so freaking smart when it comes to foods too. For your information, my brother and his working partners tend to have their meals in the office to keep their businesses running continuously. Upon arrivals of their foods, she would start to wander around the tables to either look for places to reach the food, or start meowing for attentions. The funny thing is that she would rather give up eating her biscuits and grab their foods, probably because her biscuits are not as tasty as our vegetables and meats.

As naughty as this little creature may seem, she never dares to be out of the office, not even in her cage, or she would start yelling and begging to be back to the office, which we still couldn't understand why she is so afraid. She was left in her cage outside of the hall for once that she cried nonstop whenever people passed by, as well as on the same night in the office until she sort of lost her voice for a while. Unless if she wants to have her businesses done or we would never place her in the cage ever again ever since.

Whenever the door is opened, instead of running out of the office for freedoms like any other cats would usually do, she sits still and waits until the door closes before she would start being hyperactive again; sometimes she is a little afraid of the door as well, which we find it strange but still clueless about the reason. Hence, we joke around saying that if a male cat tries to approach her, she would rather stay in the office until the male cat comes in, or leave the male cat if he is not willing to just be in the office.

You would probably never know what she fancies the most in the office. The smellier it is, the more fascinated she would be, to be honest, especially the smelly shoes that belong to my eldest brother and his friends. She could always stay in or on a slipper, lick it, or play with it until she gets bored and starts looking for something else to have fun on her own. According to my brother, she likes to be with shoes because when she was young, my brother's friend's girlfriend threw a sock towards her for once when she was being naughty, and she starts to like those smells ever since. :\

Spot her cuteness! Honestly, the first question I always ask whenever I enter the office is, "Where is that little creature?" for fear that she might be jumping on me, and to look at her cuteness. Obviously, from the way I describe her personalities and by looking at the photos of her, I could never resist her cuteness no matter where and when. I always miss her when I have not been homed for a while during my internship, and I believe I still will when my classes resume on 9th of January, 2012.

The two photos above were taken when she was falling asleep in a scorching hot afternoon, under the air-conditioner that used to be one of her favourite spots. Tell me, how could you not love her for being the cutest yet the naughtiest kitten on earth? My heart ached when I got to know that she hurt herself on her face while being playful nearby her cage, leaving a pinkish wound beside her tiny little nose. Due to the previous cat that ran away or had been kidnapped by someone else, we truly hope that this smelly baby would stay with us until the end of her life and bring us happiness like she always does. :D


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