14 August 2013

Batik Painting at Homestay Haji Dorani, Sabak Bernam

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After our simple yet traditional breakfast, we slowly walked towards the front hall, where a chubby boy was preparing for our first activity of the day while waiting for our arrival. It was batik painting! Initially, I thought we would be experiencing the way to produce the paint, only to realize that everything was ready.

The chubby boy poured the paint into small transparent containers for our convenience. According to him, the paint is made of powder and hot water only, instead of any natural plants.

Several designs were given for us to choose. For your information, the pictures were hand-drawn earlier by the owner or anyone who was in charge of it then, using wax on a piece of white cloth, so that the paint would not spread randomly out of the targeted area. However, if the cloth touches the table, or if the picture does not lie properly on the table or a flat surface, the possibility of the paint spreading to the other areas might increase.

We painted according to our own preferences, did it like how we used to do watercolor painting in school, and completed it by using black as the background in order to cover the mistakes. Personally, I didn't do my best because of the scorching hot weather and the mistakes that spoiled my mood. If I were to be given another opportunity to try batik painting, I would really hope that it would be much better than that. Hopefully there will be another chance!



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