03 September 2013

Traditional Rice Processing Activity at Homestay Haji Dorani


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As a person who lives in the city since young, I never knew the exact way of processing rice traditionally in the olden days. I had never ever seen it previously, until I traveled to Homestay Haji Dorani in Sabak Bernam. Indeed, I thought we were a bunch of lucky bastards people to be granted such a precious opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience in the aspect. Despite spending most of my time photographing the entire process, my ears were listening as the person in charge explained to us briefly.

We were provided with a small amount of rice like this for demonstration. They're waiting to be processed!

We had to hit the rice with a heavy stick to separate the rice from the hulls. One must not hit too hard to prevent the rice from being mashed, and it would then be wasted. It's the skill that mattered.

After that, throw the rice into the air according to the wind direction, so that the hulls would be blown away while the rice falls back into the bamboo pan. Then, you're done!

Or at least that's how we were taught to do. :P



  1. I don't even have the chance to do what you did even though I'm from Malaysia too.. Shame on me!! :D

    1. Hey Witha, thank you for dropping by at J.cheerios. I wouldn't say it's a shame. It was merely a demonstration on how the people did it in the olden days. Instead, I would say that it's the knowledge, practically or theoretically, that matters. :D


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